Hello world! So, here we are: Brand Barn is live! We are super excited to get your business up and running with one of our Brand Bundles. But before we get started, allow us to introduce ourselves and how our business came to be.


How Brand Barn came to life

To answer this question we go back to the summer of 2012, when both of us started the course International Communication and Media at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. We roughly walked the same path before we ended up here; a couple of ‘gap-years’ in which we traveled the world, worked various jobs, and a failed attempt of studying either Law or Fine Arts. Always looking for new adventures, challenges, and ultimately a greater purpose for being.

The first seeds of a dream were planted: one day, we will combine our strengths for the ultimate project, starting a business together.

After living the respective corporate and startup life for a few years after graduating, we both experienced somewhat of a wake-up call: is this it? Whatever happened to our dreams of starting our own business? Even though there were literally thousands of miles between us, this happened in the same week. Coincidence? There is no such thing.


Let’s get this fire started How It All Started: Brand Barn, A Story of Friendship and Fire

In the first week of 2017 we met up for a New Year’s dinner, popped open a bottle of wine and raised our glasses: cheers to a new year, and new adventures! We were more than ready to get started on our ultimate adventure: our own business.

Twenty minutes into discussing our business ideas, the communal fire alarm started blaring and put a sudden end to the festivities. Even though it was a false alarm – it was loud, very loud. So deafening that we ended up fleeing the apartment, abandoning the wine and dinner altogether.

Fun fact: ‘brand’ is the Dutch word for ‘fire’ 🙂

This is how we ended up writing down the first plans for Brand Barn on a beer coaster in a local bar, our ears still ringing from the siren and rain dripping from our faces. And even though the fire alarm was a false warning, we were burning indeed – burning with desire to build our business into something beautiful and grand.

This is how Brand Barn was born – amidst friendship and fire.

So, that’s our story. How did your business start? Let us know in the comments below, we’re curious!